Tips when buying a toy and rules that manufacturers must

Save your sanity! Six family travel experts tell us what to pack in the car on a long road trip with kids. Each of our children has his own ?suitcase??a laptopsized bag?that he can fill with whatever toys he wants to bring on the trip. I make a Vacation Book A must have for all families who like to travel! View the discussion

Agt No matter what style your child has, responsibility can be taught The following discussion shows parents how to determine the amount of responsibility children need Children should understand the details about their chores, including they need to realize that they have forfeited the new toy until they

Des Last week, we gave you tips on finding that musthave toy. who can argue against our kids’ joy when it’s unwrapped on Christmas morning?

In fact, most kids in our culture have far too many of these types of toys that and ends that my children love to play with, but I also find them playing dress however it must also be said that no special toys are necessary for this type of play.

Find out which toys are hot and which toys are not for Christmas ! All you have to do is select boy or girl and enter an age, along with a Featuring the cheeky Minions’ trademark grin Stuart is a must for ages four and up It uses speech to text technology to entertain your kids while it ?thinks? and speaks to them.

Nov Tell your child they have a limit of four small stuffed toys or two large. If more stuffed (This same rule should apply to all parent belongings too.)

My son recently turned and currently doesn’t have any gun Toy guns are legal, but almost all I see for sale are in bright unrealistic colours etc. Most important then if you should let your child play with toy A or toy B,


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